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Independent Media Reports Support use of Portable Air Cleaners with HEPA & Ozone to combat Virus-laden Aerosols

Time Magazine Article:

Viruses transmitted through Aerosols.

  • Portable HEPA air cleaners work well to remove virus-laden aerosols but are costly to do so as they need to be consistently and often replaced

The Japan Times National/Science & Health:

Japanese researchers say ozone effective in neutralizing coronavirus.

  • In a recently published study; “Scientists at Fujita Health University told a news conference they had proven that ozone gas in concentrations of 0.05 to 0.1 parts per million (ppm), levels considered harmless to humans, could kill the virus.

  • The experiment used an ozone generator in a sealed chamber with a sample of coronavirus. The potency of the virus declined by more than 90 percent when subjected to low-level ozone for 10 hours.

  • “Transmission of the novel coronavirus may be reduced by continuous, low-concentration ozone treatment, even in environments where people are present, using this kind of system,” said lead researcher Takayuki Murata.


Wall Street Journal Article:

Portable air purifiers with HEPA filters can help control Covid-19.

  • HEPA filters, which trap contaminants pulled in by purifiers before pushing clean air back out, are almost 100% efficient at capturing all airborne particles, including the very smallest sizes.