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A Revolution in Air Purification

Our patented Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation technology purifies air unlike any other air purifier. Our next generation air purifiers are improving indoor environments and leaving our customers (from hospitals to homes) satisfied. 

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Westinghouse Air Purifiers Remove:


Smoke - 99.72%

Smoke in all its forms is dangerous to our lungs. Most air purifiers can't trap gaseous pollutants. Westinghouse removes up to 99.72% of Respirable Suspended Particulates (Smoke). Prepare for wildfires or trap kitchen smoke.

"Like how this unit has a thing sleek design. Runs quietly in sleep mode and regular mode. The air quality produced by this unit is truly “a breath of fresh air”. Really like this unit and am so glad I bought it!!"

- Monica 

Pet Odor - 99.9%

Cleaning pet hair is one thing, but odors are small particulates in the air that can be difficult to trap. Only true HEPA and activated carbon filters trap odors. Westinghouse uses both, plus NCCO technology to sanitize up to 99.97% of harmful air and odors

"This machine (bought three med. size for entire house) is quiet, easy to set up and move around, if needed, great white noise on EC for sleeping at night. Have a large dog and no more doggy smell as before. Room smells fresh and night time allergies/sniffles are gone! Like that it is simple to operate-no programs to set up. Very satisfied with all three that I bought!" 

- Amazon Customer

Germs, Viruses & Allergens - 99.99%

Most air purifiers trap bacteria at best, but Westinghouse neutralizes and eliminates up to 99.9% of germs, viruses, bacteria and fungi (verify that’s the correct figure) to keep your home safe. Only True HEPA (like those in Westinghouse purifiers) filters perform at this level. 

"We have a dog and I suffer from seasonal allergies. After 3 days with this in my room, I woke up with little to no congestion. I went from taking over the counter allergy meds daily to MAYBE 2 days a week. I move it into my room at night and into the main area if the house during the day. Put it on Eco mode at night if in your room on a low setting. Great product!!"

- Lisa

Finally, An Air Purifier That Sweats The Small Stuff

Most other air purifiers simply don't have the technology to handle smaller compounds like carcinogenic chemicals in the air (a.k.a. VOCs):

- Benzene,

- Ethylene glycol,

- Formaldehyde, etc

- Odors

- Fine smoke particles.


You can see for yourself that Westinghouse's NCCO technology can handle it. 



Chao-Heng Tseng, Chi-De Hsieh, Shiao-Shing Chen Institute of Environment Planning and Management, National Taipei University of Technology, No. 1, Sec. 3, Chung-Hsiao E. Rd. Taipei, 106, Taiwan, Republic of China

Note: NCCO was tested in a separate lab under similar (but not exactly the same) conditions.

Our NCCO Technology Vs Other Purification Technologies

That's Why Hospitals Trust Us

Our NCCO Technology is Used at:

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Queen Mary Hospital

The Third Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

The Second Hospital of Shandong University

Shangdong Center for Disease Control and Prevention

& 190+ more

Now Available for Your Home!

Cleaning Hospital Room

Caption: After installation at Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center, TVOC Removal Efficiency reached 97.97% (Formaldehyde Concentration from

 1.133 mg/m3 to 0.023 mg/m3)


Our purifiers utilize NCCO technology to eliminate the dangers in your home, while other air purifiers simply trap the biggest particles. 

How NCCO Works

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All Videos

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4 Levels of Protection

Pre-filter + Oxygen Generator + True HEPA + NCCO = Clean Air

Superior Filtration

NCCO excels at filtering out common indoor pollutants. Without releasing irritants of our own, unlike like ozone filtration.  

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Save Money

Say no to buying expensive filter replacements every year. Most air purifiers are designed to keep you buying filters. We've put a stop to that. Compare our Model 1701 air purifier for 300 sqft rooms to others in the competitive class. 

Compared to Honeywell, even though you save $50 up front, with Westinghouse you will save $525 more over 5 years of ownership.



$160/year filter replacements

$50/year energy bill



$100/year filter replacements

$25/year energy bill



$110/year filter replacements

$20/year energy bill



$85/year filter replacements

$10/year energy

*Filter change frequency as stated by manufacturer and prices as last seen on

Satisfaction Guaranteed

30 day money back guarantee

2 year limited warranty

1804 Portable Purifier

Small, but powerful. Only 2 lbs, but it can provide clean air for 8 hours on one charge. Up to 100 sq ft. Perfect for cars.

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1701 Purifier

Optimal for 300 sq ft rooms, perfect for bedrooms and sound sleep. 

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Order Today and Get 10% Off

1702 Purifier

Optimal for 500 sq ft rooms, perfect for living rooms and healthy living. 

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