The 1903

  • Large Size Room Air Purifier 

  • Equipped with Wi-Fi Connectivity

  • 650 sq. ft. Effective Area

  • 10 Fan Speeds + Turbo and Silent Modes

  • Bi-lateral airflow for full room cleaning

  • 2x 5 Stage Air Purifications Systems:

    •  Pre-filter

    •  Oxygen Generator

    •  True HEPA Filter

    •  NCCO Reactor

  • Electric Cord with two-prong plug

  • Available in Ivory Color

  • Easy to Clean Casing

  • Perfect for Home, Office, and Workshop

Bi-Lateral Air Flow and the 1903

Filtered air is pushed out to the left, & circulates around the room

Air is brought in through the perforated, magnetic backside panel

Filtered air is pushed out to the right, &  circulates around the room

The Westinghouse 1903 Air Purifier is thoughtfully designed to sit flat against one wall in the room, making the unit blend into the background. This is not only an aesthetic benefit but increases the effective function of the air purification system.
The filtered air output from left and right sides circulates purified air around the room in clockwise and counter-clockwise directions which pushes impure air into the intake panel on the front side of the appliance. This is one of the only units on the market designed with this bi-lateral air flow that is a more effective way to eliminate viruses, germs, allergens, odors and VOCs.

Air is drawn into

the intake panel

of the appliance

Purified air circulates counter-clockwise

Purified air

circulates clockwise

Solid Back Panel

Design so unit

can be placed

along ANY wall

Main Housing

with rubberized feet

and clean air out vents

Fan housing and air-out vents

2 Fans and motors

2 True HEPA Filters and Active Oxygen Generators

Magnetic Perforated Front Panel (dirty air intake)

2 NCCO Reactors

2 Pre Filters

The Westinghouse 1903 Air Purifier Product Specifications

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