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Keep your Family Safe

from Viruses, Germs & Indoor Air Pollution

​Introducing Westinghouse Air Purifiers, with our 

worldwide patented medical-grade NCCO, 

Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation, air purification technology.

Other purifiers only “trap” and “store” harmful pollutants.

Westinghouse Air Purifiers eliminate viruses, germs,

allergens and eliminates VOC’s, smoke and odors.


This medical grade technology is now available for your home.


Dirty air moves

through the filtration

elements of a

Westinghouse NCCO

Air Purifier.

Dirty air enters the appliance passing 

through all the stages of the purification process, clean and pure air is released

from the top of the appliance. 


NCCO reactors removes up to 99.9% of all indoor pollutants including

VOCs and Formaldehyde.

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 Westinghouse Air Purifiers use the Worldwide Patented
NCCO Technology and Active Oxygen to
eliminate viruses, germs, allergens, and VOCs.

This same technology is being used worldwide

to contain the spread of viruses and germs.

Keep your family safe and healthy with

Westinghouse Air Purification.

The 1804 model is personal and portable.


The finest air purification that goes with you everywhere. Your protection at home and away.

1804 single.png
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Westinghouse Air Purifiers use True HEPA Filters

to capture and trap pollen, PM25 particulates,

germs, viruses, and allergens.

Positive Charged Oxygen Radicals then

attack these trapped pollutants and

render them inert. Unable to reproduce

or affect human health.

The 1701 model is a feature rich product, packed into one convenient package.

It includes 4 stages of air purification to keep your family safe from

Indoor pollutants.

1701 SINGLE.png
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Westinghouse Air Purifiers are equipped with a NCCO Reactor which breaks down VOCs, such as formaldehyde and other pollutants at the molecular level.

VOCs are broken down to trace amount of water vapor and CO2. Harmless to human health.So many products in our home generate VOCs, cleaners, detergents, glues, paint and so on. 

1702 - background.png

Model 1702 big performance, big style, big features and the very most effective air purification.

Bi-lateral air flow
and 2 full sets of NCCO technology.

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Westinghouse Air Purifiers eliminate air pollutants,

we do not “trap” and “store” harmful pollutants
as most other purifiers do.

Give your family the best protection possible from

indoor pollutants and allergens with Westinghouse

Air Purification with NCCO Reactors and Active Oxygen.


Explore all our models to see which is right for you.

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